Solistream for Solid Fillers

Cannon-Fillers.jpg Solistream is a kit to dose fillers directly into the mixing head. Solistream comes with its own control system and can be added to existing machines, even not Cannon Afros. A wide range of solid fillers can be processed through Solistream: fillers are blended with some polyol to form a sort of slurry. Slurry is then injected into the mixing chamber of a special Cannon Afros mixing head, through a duct along the axis of the pouring piston.

The kit is a fully automatic closed loop dosing system.

The innovative Cannon Solistream has also been tuned to mix and dose a wide range of solid flame retardants which include intumescent products as graphite, but also materials such as: melamine, aluminum hydroxide, red phosphorus and polyphosphates. It is well known that some solid flame retardants are very efficient and are used in various applications.

Air Nucleation Systems

Some polyurethane applications require accurate metering of known quantities of air into polyol. Air nucleation normally facilitates the reaction between polyol and Isocyanate decreasing the surface tension. In case of rigid high density foams air improves the fluidity and symplifying the filling of the moulds also with complex shape. Cannon Afros has developed a wide range of equipments to meter and measure the quantity of air nucleated into a component. Air can be emulsified up to 50% by weight to filled or unfilled materials.