Blowing Agent Premix Units

Cannon can supply different high-pressure unit, specifically designed to mix with polyol any kind of blowing agent. Blending is in real time, without the need to work with pre-blended batches. Dedicated version of this device are available for mixing and metering a wide range of blowing agents, such as LBBA, liquid carbon dioxide, cyclopentane and blends (cyclopentane plus other blowing agents).

Cannon Penta Easy Premix unit for Polyol and explosive blowing agent, such as Cyclopentane and other hydrocarbons. The unit is provided with a transparent Lexan box and equipped with collecting basins, floating levels, Ex-i components and ready for the connection to a ventilation group.

Cannon provides dedicated solutions to add different percentages of natural CO2 in PU blends and to control the froth during the moulding operation. CFC-free natural CO2-blown foam is today industrially feasible in open and closed mould processes:

  • CannOxide - for the direct injection of medium to high levels of CO2 in the mixing head
  • EasyFroth - for blending in real time medium to low levels of liquid CO2 either in isocyanate or polyol