Machine control and production

​Application for the control of machines and manufacturing processes, to monitor and verify quality and system variables.

Digitization in the productive sector, is a radical change that is modifying the way of working in companies.
The collection and analysis of data has the purpose of making the production process faster, with high level of quality of goods at a lower price.

 Control of machines and manufacturing processes is a core aspect for Cannon Automata, the automation specialist company of the Cannon Group. Our solution, flexible and suitable to be integrated in various industrial installations, enables to increase the productivity level of the individual machine, line and plant and achieve precise and accurate control, real-time knowledge of system variables, trends and alarms, with a net reduction of costs and production times.

RPI (Robot Plant Integration)   

 Flexibility in the programming activity is a key element and a fundamental aspect for the competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

Robotics and motion management, takes, day after day, a dominant role in the world of industry. Cannon Automata offers and provides to the market specific and innovative solutions of motion control and industrial robotics.

 Robot programming and setup require competent personnel and specific software tools. Typically, today’s robot program development requires the knowledge and preparation of all the paths that will be called during the plant life. As alternative, program modification requires the Robot being in manual mode thus stopping the line for maintenance.

 Cannon Automata Robot Plant Integration (RPI) overtakes all these limitations with an intuitive and effective software, available directly on the Operator Panel (HMI). With the new RPI system, everybody is in the condition to create even complicate paths and send them to the Robots without stopping the line.