Заливка полостей


Cavity filling and acoustic foams are two of the technologies that OEMs use to reduce the NVH, Noise, Vibration and Harshness, of vehicles: “buns” of foam are injected directly into the car body, directly at the assembling line.

Concerning cavity filling, it requires the OEM to properly design the car bodies, so to have cavities in the right spot, prepared to receive shots of liquid PU.

Since years, Cannon has been in the front line on the development of dedicated dosing machines for the different acoustic insulation foams available in the market. Reliability of Cannon machines and repeatability of the produced shots of foam have been proven in actual production environments, with outstanding results.

Cannon provides a range of machinery dedicated to different foam systems and to different kind of production volumes. Cannon equipment, which has been approved and validated by raw material suppliers, is serving most of the major car manufacturers in the market.